Address Research Fee$5.00
Copy of Statement$5.00
Continuous Deposit to Closed Account$35.00
Debit Card Reorder$10.00
Delinquent Mortgage$20.00 or 4%
Delinquent Loan After 15 Days$20.00
Dormant Account Quarterly After 1 Year$10.00
Early Withdrawal CD6 Month Interest
Early Withdrawal Club Account$10.00
Early Withdrawal IRS & IRA Penalty6 Month Interest
Excess Share Withdrawal (2 per month)$3.00
Fed Ex & UPS$30.00 +
Insurance Cancellation$10.00
Loan Documentation$30.00
Loan Extension$25.00
Member Reopening Within 12 Months$5.00
Mortgage Loan Release$40.00
New Member$1.00
NSF/Returned Item$25.00
Research Fee per Hour$25.00
Share Withdrawal Mail$2.00
Skip-A-Pay (November & December)$25.00
Stop Payment$36.00
Title Fee (MS)$45.00
Title Fee (LA)$112.00
UCC Recording$25.00

Vicksburg Railroad FCU
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